Take a quick look at this shirt from Études. It just looks like your typical overpriced black shirt, right? And we all really hate it when brands overcharge for basics, right? Yeah, I know, it's super fucking annoying. But with this thing, you gotta pause and chill for a minute because it's actually made out of a heavy mesh fabric. See, when I normally think of mesh, my mind automatically and unfortunately jumps to the homies Right Said Fred and how much those dudes fucking loved mesh shirts. However, the thing with the newish mesh movement in fashion is that it's the very much the opposite of that type of mesh. It relies on super heavy gauge mesh so that onlookers can't see through it and gaze at your amazing body underneath. This shit will allow those sick abs and obliques of yours to breathe real nicely, while draping so seductively that cougars will take one look at you and buy you a drink before eating you alive in a handicap bathroom stall. Be careful of mesh, guys. It's a dangerous fabric.

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