Many know him as Ellen DeGeneres’ DJ on her popular talk show, but Stephen “tWitch” Boss is actually also an accomplished dancer who is about to break into the movie business with a role in the upcoming Magic Mike sequel. On a recent episode of Ellen’s show, the talk show host helped her BFF out by supporting him while he prepared for his role in an extreme way: by getting a full body wax. And as you could have probably guessed, the results are hilarious. 

While tWitch is best known to the public for his appearances on Ellen, he's been dancing for years, appearing on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance and in a few installments of the Step Up series. 

tWitch admitted he was “really nervous,” so DeGeneres helped him out by offering him some vodka to help ease the pain.  Guys, if you need another reminder that women deserve a lot more credit for what they go through when it comes to personal grooming, watch the above video. And while the experience likely wasn’t enjoyable for tWitch, at least we get to take pleasure in his misfortune.

[via YouTube]