The Inventory crew has always had a knack for the collabo and this natural twill Ebbets Field Flannel cap continues the streak. They also low-key have the G.O.A.T. Jake Davis Test Shots. That shit was way back when Capsule was in two separate locations and Uber didn't even exist yet. R.I.P. to a pre-Uber existence. I can barely even remember a time when Uber didn't exist. What did we do before that? Use cabs like a bunch of fucking barbarians? Maybe I'm getting old, but I do not want to share transit space with anyone other than my truest and realest homies. Anyway, if I was to ever make the #menswear equivalent of "Epicly Later'd," where we pay homage to our past legends, it would most definitely have a section where all the OGs talk about the blogging world personalities they've run into. If I got the chance to be a talking head on a similar documentary-style show like that, I would most definitely try and wear a very clean, very nice hat in my segment.