Bombers can be expensive, guys. We've seen pretty much every kind of them here at the Pins: leather, shearling, nylon, cotton, wool, EVERYTHING. And depending on which brand name you slap on top, they can be worth either a small fee or a month's worth of rent monies. So, when I see a bomber that is nxt lvl, made of an off-beat material and only runs $630, it's pretty much a no brainer to promo. Which is exactly why this CMMN SWDN neoprene bomber is so fucking tight. Neoprene is in the spotlight right now for sure, but CMMN made sure this bomber actually fits well, which you can see for yourself right here. I would like to single out the cuffs though. I am a big fan of solid cuffs. You know, ones that don't stretch out and get loose after awhile and are also slightly oversized. If these cuffs were a person, they could fuck your bitch and tell you right to your face and you would be like, "Thanks, man. I appreciate it."