Celebrity Behind the Line: Wu-Tang Clan
Still In Existence: Yes

1993 saw the release of the now classic Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), and the debut of the Wu Wear clothing line two years later. The clothing concept is simple: it's gear branded with symbols of the Wu. By the late '90s, the line was making millions, and sold widely across department stores and specialty shops nationwide. The brand was created to combat the crop of fake merch that was being sold to Wu fans, and ultimately became a huge money maker for the group and expanded their image well beyond the hip-hop community.

During the Wu Wear's heyday, the brand's look was often imitated by the likes of Avirex and Dada. Still, Wu remained—its power culminating in 1999's obscenely rare Nike Wu Dunk, a shoe that fetches prices of over $14,000 on eBay. While it declined in popularity and quality throughout the 2000s, Wu Wear has seen something of a resurgence in the last few years, proving that the Wu really is forever.