Celebrities are always trying to jump out of their lane: athletes become actors, actors attempt to release albums, musicians try to become change the world, etc. But the career sidecar that unites big names of all kinds is fashion—celebrities love starting clothing lines in their image.

In general, a large part of celebrity businesses fail or succeed based not only on the individual's business savvy, but also in strategic planning and good timing. It's common for a brand to release one collection and then fold or go into hiatus, sometimes to re-emerge years later. These brands were either iconic names (regardless of their present-day standing), heavy hitters from the jump, or paved the way for future successes years on.

Regardless of whether or not their were tragedies from very start or successes that later crashed and burned, one thing has become clear: celebrity clothing lines are often greeted with more groans than critical acclaim. That said, for all of the failures and bad businesses, there are a few that have risen above in their time, at least in the category in which they reside. These are 12 Celebrity Clothing Lines That Didn't Suck.