According to Rocket News, the Otsuka Museum of Art in Japan is one of the country's biggest and most popular art galleries, and it is also the most expensive with an admission fee of around $30. There are over 1,000 works of art in the space, from the Mona Lisa to The Last Supper, and every last one of them is a replica.

There is something to be said about good art forgers, especially when they can create convincing replicas of master paintings, but paying to see a bunch of fake paintings is still a very weird concept. Rocket News points out that the museum was named the "best museum/art gallery in Japan" by TripAdvisor in 2011.

One reason it is so popular according to the news outlet is that it is convenient and has fewer rules than normal art institutions. "The museum actually attempts to provide a visitor experience that is better than the real thing, freeing visitors from the restrictions that conventional museums have to apply to protect artworks from damage," reports Rocket News. "Photography is allowed in all parts of the Otsuka galleries, and there are no ropes or wires to stand behind. You can stand as close to the replica paintings as you want, and even touch them."

Image via IRSA on Facebook

We still don't think it's worth it, but it would definitely help your #artselfie game on Instagram without spending the money to visit the countries where the real art lives.

[via RocketNews]

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