As we try to connect more with our audience, the bosses here have told us to be a little more "of the people" and "affordable." That means rather than rounding up "The 10 Best Parkas That Cost More Than Your Worthless Fucking Life," we've entered the seedy underbelly of fast fashion and went all BuzzFeed on your ass with a randomly numbered list, even if it's only for, like, 10 minutes. We previously did this to great success with Zara and today we're hitting the actual crowned king of broke fashionistos everywhere, H&M. Granted, this proved to be a bit tougher because, while Zara seems to pride itself on its swiftness for blatant high-fashion knock-offs, H&M goes about things a bit more modestly and doesn't rip quite as often and aggressively. And yes, that's actually a negative in this case. It all started with the long bomber you guys somehow didn't buy out immediately and snowballed into the list you see before you. Enjoy and cop at will because today is your day, my fellow poors.