If you're in Germany and you want to get into fashion, the logical thing is to pick up and head to Berlin, where the heart of German fashion and culture supposedly lives. Beastin decided to take a completely different route, planning to find a way to put their home town of Munich on the contemporary fashion map, and God knows, they succeeded.

The brand has only existed since 2008, and already they are a mainstay in European streetwear, putting out consistently killer collections and running BSTN, a premium boutique in the Bavarian heartland. Their first order was from Parisian concept store Colette, who responded to an absolute chancer of an email asking if they wanted to stock some T-shirts. That's downright ballsy.

Beastin's Fall/Winter 2014 collection is another killer outing from the young German powerhouse, featuring graphic print hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts, which all fit the minimal, clean designs Beastin is known for. The sportswear aesthetic that's really blowing up is present throughout, with the collection inspired from the basketball-playing youth the guys behind the brand enjoyed.

Check out some more of the lookbook below, and head over to the BSTN webstore to pick up some of the collection now.