Now, I'm not versed in the lost art of clothing classification, but I don't think this Band of Outsiders knit is actually a fair isle sweater. Granted, really don't care what it's called because I really like it and I don't cop to liking Band of Outsiders that often. Sometimes, it feels a bit too ironic and weird and most of the other times it just doesn't fit me. But the thing with sweaters is that they stretch, so I am allowed to like this BoO piece without a second thoughts. The fact is, if you don't have a Doug Funnie-like closet full of varying navy sweaters, there are some problems with your wardrobe. You know, like, different shades of navy with different patterns and different textures and different materials. That's all you really need for fall. This one just has the little bonus of having a red pattern on the bottom third of the body and sleeves. It can be your "Statement Sweater." Scratch that. Talk about super fucking lame.

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