I remember back when Baldwin was defined strictly by its denim. I was at college in Iowa at the time and obviously being separated from a high level taste in menswear, Baldwin's Kansas City HQ was the only real semblance of good, homegrown shit. Now, almost four years later, Baldwin is a FORCE. It brings a tear to my eye to see them all grown up like this *sniffs*. They were just a young kid with a glimmer in their eye a few years ago. It all makes me so proud. Now, they have crazy distressed denim noragi/cardigans (norgaigans? cardigis?), hefty as fuck sweatshirts and some bomber variations that remind me of Greg Lauren's stuff before it literally goes through a rotating car wash of scissors. I want to opine on how much this stuff stands out precisely because it doesn't stand out, but that would defeat the entire purpose of not standing out, so I'm not going to do that. But just imagine yourself shoveling the last bits of snow off your driveway in one of the sweatshirts because it's not that cold out anymore and you don't need a winter coat. What a perfect realization that winter is practically over and spring is almost here even though winter hasn't even started yet in real life. What a fucking tease.