Your first suit could be more important than you could ever imagine. It could be the suit that lands you your first job, which eventually turns into a fulfilling career. It could be the suit you wear on your wedding day, which eventually turns into a fulfilling marriage. No matter how or why you purchase your first suit, it’s usually for a very good reason, so there’s no reason to squander the opportunity without doing the due diligence.

It would be unwise to go into suit shopping unprepared and essentially blind to what the decisions that lie before you. There are a number of very basic, yet immensely important tidbits that you must be cognizant of as you try and pick out the perfect suit. There are so many details in a suit that people don’t even consider, and when faced with the task, it all suddenly turns daunting. But when you have tips from stylish, blogger, and suiting extraordinaire Eli Infante of North of MAN, you are well on your way to dapper beginnings of the suited kind. We all know how important this suit is and will eventually become, so listen to Eli as he waxes poetic with An Expert Guide to Buying Your First Suit.