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Having Drake wear your gear is a huge boost for a young designer - which is exactly what happened when Drake appeared decked in Wil Fry's double layer basketball shorts for his spot in Nicki Minaj's (in)famous Anaconda video.  Though one might miss small details like Drake's shorts (or the fact that Drake is in it all) given all the other distractions in the video.  

Those shorts and 5 other pieces are included in Wil Fry's 2014 "Seasonless" collection, which features pieces made in Los Angeles with American and Japanese fabrics.  Softness abounds, with  vintage Supima cotton T-shirts, cotton blend jerseys and a hoody and the aforementioned Drake-approved shorts that are made from a cotton, cashmere and silk blend. 

Here's to hoping that brands like Wil Fry continue to make clothes like this, ones that seem to be as much about comfort movement and function as fashion.  A person can only wear so much 18 oz denim....

Get your own soft and simple garments are available at these fine establishments.