Preferred Brands: Reigning Champ, Herschel Supply Co., wings + horns

You know better than anyone that Canada is on the come up. No longer known as the neighbor living above a really great party, the former punch line is now a hotbed for creatives—and their national coffee chain isn't half bad either. While Tim Horton's is nothing to get too excited about, the Canadians' easy-going nature applies not only to their national coffee chain, but also to their clothing. While Canada gets a bad rap as “America lite,” on the low, they're doing it better in some aspects than we are down here. Labels like Reigning Champ, Herschel Supply Co., and wings + horns are all a part of your rotation, and while some are more expensive than others, all of the labels are unpretentious—just like our lovely neighbors to the north and their beloved coffee chain.