Look, we all know that the first installment of "Under the #Influence with Four Pins" was a rousing success. And if you haven't seen it yet, read it immediately before your Klout score plummets to even impossibly lower levels. Before you ask, yes, we already have the second installment coming in just a matter of weeks, so please avoid piddling in your skinnies. But we need a new crop of swaggy and/or struggle questions for the upcoming December/January issue of Complex magazine. So, you know what that means, we're relying on YOU to hit us with your winter wardrobe-related inquiries. If you have any, we need you to seriously hurry because our deadline is actually, like, super close. For real, we're going to get in trouble if you don't help us out.

Fill up the questions@four-pins.com inbox with anything and everything. We're here to serve you better.