As if Walmart employees didn't have enough to complain about, the mega retailer has issued a new dress code and staff members are pissed, reports Gawker. Some of the workers posted comments on Walmart's internal website, a few of which were leaked. 

The new dress code, as explained by Walmart HR executive Barbara Simone, requires certain employees to wear white or navy blue collared shirts with khaki or pants, capris, or skirts.

As of Sept. 29, navy blue vests will also be part of the new dress code. According to Simone's posts, the vests are "lightweight, it's breathable, it doesn't wrinkle and it really looks sharp!" Which, laugh out loud. 

Walmart employees were unimpressed, with most complaining that they now have to spend their sad salaries on new uniforms. 

Read on for some of the comments made by employees. 

WM Associate 29 Aug 2014

i have to agree with many of the negative comments I liked this company in the beginning but it seems they are out of touch with employees or there are to many "leaders"who really are not concerned with employees. In pharmacy we have had a light out for over a year, the heat is oppressive, we can not have water unless it is a small pointy paper cup with warm water from the sink. The counters are uncomfortably low and when ringing customers out causes so much back pain I personally have had customers comment at how uncomfortable the position we stand in to ring orders is. Now more money which I like many others just don't have to buy clothes and a hot vest. I understand that customers come first but I am a customer also and so are my friends and family. It is difficult to be great at your job when you feel so disregarded and expendable

WM Associate 29 Aug 2014

Management will be required to wear these vests as well right? Hmmmm

WM Associate 29 Aug 2014

barbara simone you've seen that 99.9% of the associates have an issue with the new dress code. too expensive too hot/cold doesn't address the problem uncomfortable to work in/not appropriate for some work etc when will you admit you and the big fish at walmart were wrong and scrap this busy work project that you and others are using to justify your big paychecks...every few months you guys dream up something new to torture the associates with...let us just get on with our work ...making you more money ... don't worry'll still collect your big paychecks

WM Associate 29 Aug 2014

I was an assistant manger for over 6 years until I was pushed to the point of stepping down ( and there was no resoluttion to the open door)!!! I know how hourly feel with no help and low pay scale and often there were unrealistic goals ( I can honestly relate)... I read a lot of the posts and we do need an affordable cost to the dress code cost of the shirts and pants. I have a sick husband and am the sole bread and bring home the bacon winner. Thank you and I really do love my new store!

WM Associate 29 Aug 2014

Ive been at Walmart 21 yrs and i tend to keep buying better quality clothing other than the standard polo for a better appearance at work and it seems like its a waste of my money to keep changing the dress code and we are not given any clothing allowance or given 2 shirts for free.

WM Associate 28 Aug 2014

Working conditions at my store are atrocious. There is little coverage in any dept. to provide anything close to decent customer service. CSS' at this store cover money center, run registers and many other tasks because the staffing/hours given to associates are mediocre- I am one of them. For ten years I gave my all but my efforts and voice are ignored. My complaints as well as other associates' seem to not matter one bit. Our registers and other equipment are slow and unreliable. I do not see how bringing back the vests as if we were living in 1994 will change anything. There are real problems to solve in our stores.

[via Gawker]