Before you even ask the question I know you're going to ask: NO, this is not a collaboration between Uniqlo and famed denim label Pure Blue Japan. How crazy would that shit have been though? That would have been a holy trinity of crazy ass capsule collections in store—Plokhov dropping cozy hoodies, then bringing back the famed +J greatest hits and a PBJ denim collection. Would Uniqlo even have any original stock in the store at that point? While the name might be a bit misleading—shame on you, Uniqlo—the product is not. We got a batch of solid denim chore coats, some crew neck sweats and a ton of different denim washes for below the equator. If you missed the memo, destroyed denim is all the way back on trend. It's also not exactly knockoff selvedge either, but durable denim from Kaihara, though, let's be real, at this pricepoint it's probably, like, the hot dog of the mill where they just put together all the scraps to make a still very much delicious byproduct. Pick it all up online or in store.