One of the most successful collaborations of all time, Jil Sander for Uniqlo is coming back this fall. The company is running back some of the greatest hits from the five seasons of +J that Sander helped design from 2009 to 2011. Though Sander isn't on board or involved in any way, Uniqlo is hand-picking the most popular items from the collections that includes 42 total pieces, with 27 of them for men. If you were like me a couple of years ago and completely missed out on any and all +J items because you didn't live in New York, Uniqlo didn't have an online store yet and also didn't realize the thirst for affordable high-fashion designs, this is your second chance. Congrats. You can bet your bottom dollar—which you already spend at Uniqlo anyway—that the signature down jackets, shirts and slim suits will make an appearance. The collection will be available both online and in-store starting on October 3rd. You can see select photos of the pieces (mostly outerwear because that's all that matters in this world) making their return up top. No word yet on if the re-up will continue past F/W 14, but one can only hope.