This brand is named Trademark, which, on face value alone, is super fucking dope because you guys already know our favorite shit is ™ing everything. But they really missed a solid opportunity to beef up that personal brand by just naming straight up naming themselves ™. What a fucking brick. Remember all the brands dropping vowels from their names and going completely turbo consonants only? Man, superscripts are the next step for sure.

The interesting thing about Trademark is that it's designed by Tory Burch's former step-daughters, Pookie and Louisa (third cousin's first-removed sister's roommate etc. until infinity), as they join in on the family business of designing super basic (as in simple, you jerks) items for the men's side of the fashion world. This is pretty much nepotism at its finest, but unlike a lot of terribly nepotistic endeavors, the stuff here isn't that bad. It's so clean that you almost want to hate it for being so easy, but you can't bring yourself to do it because you're trying to be nice, especially when based on the facts alone you definitely would have assumed this shit would turn out absolutely horrible. It's a bit Band of Outsiders and a bit Opening Ceremony melded together, assuming you're looking for a comparison. Though it's a bit colorful for my drab, dreary taste, the shirts with the zip up necks and the blue bomber are pretty on point for Intro to Menswear 101. Catch the gear online when the website is back up.