I love a good mystery. Lucky for me, fashion provides, like, a thousand different mysteries every single day. Like, "Who is in that photo?" Or "I've never heard of this brand before, what is it?" And "Wow, why the fuck am I so broke?" Then, I have to sleuth through things to find out the answers. A lot of times, it ends up being like some buyer at Barneys or a brand started in 2011 that never got onto my radar or the fact that I am a piece of garbage who makes up for my personality with the clothing I wear. But The Soloist by Takahiro Miyashita falls under a different question: WHERE HAS THIS SHIT BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

The F/W 14 collection is so fire, I'm honestly surprised the big spotlight behind the models isn't actually the result of an enormous magnifying glass refracting the sun to set the fabrics on fire because it is so goddamn fantastic. Every shot feels like a still ripped from Cowboy Bebop and turned into real life. That's high praise *Andy Samberg Nicholas Cage impression voice*. Patchwork patterns, hefty fabrics and a matte finish on the color palette makes for a wildly aspirational collection I cannot wait to see in person when it hits select stores in a few weeks.