Many brands focus on making plastic bottles more environmentally friendly with ergonomic grooves, but they're still wasteful, and unless you have a hiking backpack with the little net holder on the side, they never fit anywhere. Nalgenes and other reusable bottles are cool, but they're also cylindrical, so there's still the issue of space. This new Kickstarter project to make the memobottle a reality could change all of that.

The memobottle is a reusable bottle made of BPA-free Tritan that is shaped more like an envelope than a bottle, with flat sides that make it easier to store in your purse, messenger bag, or briefcase. The bottle comes in three standard paper sizes: A4, A5, and Letter, for your varying degrees of thirst.

The team behind memobottle says that reusable bottles are "80% more environmentally friendly" than single-use plastic ones, and that 1,500 plastic bottles are disposed of every second in the United States. Ditching single-use bottles is smart, and choosing a reusable as brilliantly designed as the memobottle is even smarter. Head to the Kickstarter project page to learn more and to become a backer.

[via ItsNiceThat]