Guys, I love backpacks of all kinds: technical backpacks, really old school hippie backpacks, backpacks that turn into briefcases, you name it. But, yo, for real this time, Teranishi's "Venture" backpack is my new and forever favorite. I really love roll top details and leather straps. Combine that with a waxed cotton outer, crucial side-zip access, angled outer pockets and the fact that one of the coolest guys in the world made this while cooling out on an island? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP, INTERNET. And you should sign yourself up too for one of these. Keep in mind, signing up requires $475, but you weren't going to do anything useful with that money anyway and this backpack will not only carry your laptop, but that tiny nug of weed you forget you stashed in there just in case of emergency for that one time you had to go camping with your girlfriend's family.