Who says sweatpants can't be dressed up? Rav Matharu, a London-based tailor who also has his own label Clothsurgeon, knew he had to have an extra special outfit to wear to a recent Nike Tech Pack event. Instead of going to the store to pick up some fresh threads, he took four pairs of the ridiculously popular Nike sweats and turned them into something unlike we've ever seen: a bespoke suit. 

The before shot clearly shows there's no fancy special ingredient, just four standard pairs of grey Nike sweats.

Matharu was sure to preserve the key details of the sweats, including the pockets, which he crafted into a dual front button pocket, and the iconic swoosh which sits neatly on the front of the blazer near the hem.

He kept the elastic waistband of the pants but gave them a classy, flattering update by adding a single front pleat. 


The final result was truly something to marvel at. Matharu shared a snap of himself looking dapper at the Nike event in a one of a kind get up that gives whole new meaning to the world "sweat-suit." It just goes to show what a bit of creativity and slick tailoring can do.



Check him out on Instagram or his website for more of his creations.