If you want some new Levi's shit, but want to pay a little extra and try really hard to get some in an effort to be the coolest version of yourself possible, Supreme just announced that it's teaming up with Levi's once again this fall for a small denim-filled capsule collection. The three item collection consists of a denim trucker jacket, a denim trucker vest and a pair of mid-wash, custom fit, selvedge Levi's 501 jeans, all of which are made right here in the good ol' US of A. Thank goodness those jeans are custom fit because the last time I tried on a pair of 501s, it felt like I had stepped into a JNCO-branded time machine that took me back to 1996. All three pieces even come with some checkerboard detailing (the lining on the two truckers and the right hip pocket of the jeans), making this whole thing a little too Urban Outfitters for my taste TBH. Modeled by the legendary Jason Dill, the collection seems to know exactly the target audience it wants to hit with this one: dudes who will actually wear a fucking denim vest. Supreme x Levi's drops in just a few days—September 25th to be exact. Get the tents out.