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Black moto jeans are such a basic wardrobe staple in 2014, but it borders on the impossible finding a pair that isn't an egregious Balmain rip-off or leggings that make you look like you just joined a fucking My Chemical Romance cover band or some shit. By the way, this is all assuming you also don't have Balmain money in the first place. There are so many details to get wrong: the rise, the tightness of the leg, the stacking and, duh, the moto detailing—you don't want too much, but you also want people to realize they are moto jeans. Naturally, you also don't want to look like you're actually about to hop on a motorcycle because if that were the case, you'd actually need a lot more padding for safety's sake. It's a delicate balance, fam. That's why Stampd has made probably the best rendition out there right now with this perfectly ribbed, not over the top version in all black. Quilted details at the thigh and tailbone are just enough and the pads at the knee are barely there. I don't own an automobile, of the two or four wheeled variety, or even a bicycle for that matter. But I want to look like I maybe do. And that's all that really matters.