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A couple weeks ago, Jian got this super baggy, weirdly patterned Soulland suit that had pants that were probably 6" too long. Everyone in the office was like, "Wow Jian, you're so wack." Honestly, we say this about most of the clothing items he ends up with. The moral of the story here is that, by proxy, Jian almost completely ruined Soulland's personal brand in one fell swoop. Fortunately, with this Armstrong shirt, Soulland's remains very much alive. This shit's all black except for the contrasting stripe that runs down each arm from shoulder to wrist. Granted, said stripe is 3M, and you might hate 3M, but you can't deny its importance for those out here Getting Active™. Then, there's us: the people who would drool over the reflective properties after it gets hit by the strobe at the next parking garage party we attend. Hey, it may not be the most "active" place in the world, but there is a lot of sweat. You can't deny that. I guess you could say we're Getting Physical™.