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Remember when raw denim season was in full effect and everyone said you had to buy them in a super long inseam, like 36", and just get a tailor to hem them shorter or rock a big ass cuff so they would fit? It was some shit like, "If your pants are too long, you'll look sloppy." WOW, how those days are behind us. Now, if you don't have a few stacks on top of your sneakers, you're so basic you might as well be dressed in head-to-toe Lululemon. I guess that's why Second Narrow dropped these J-Cut jeans. What the fuck is a "J-Cut," you ask? Well, the leg curves inward like the letter J. What's even crazier than the fact that these will pile up like flapjacks on your leg, is that Second Narrow is a clothing company that got funded on Kickstarter and is one of the very few projects in the history of the entire crowd funding platform that isn't exceedingly wack. Rather than offer the typical boring Japanese selvedge denim spiel other similar companies go for, Second Narrow dropped the hammer of justice with these weird, but very much fire jeans.

SN founder Jordan Caron said that the J-Cut was the model he wanted to do most when he started the company, as the high fashion options were too far out of his price range. He admits that denim as a whole is pretty basic and there are only so many details to futz with, so why not offer a crazy cut at a more palatable price to separate SN from the masses? BINGO. For more or less one of a kind pantaloons, these are just $250, have a slick water-resistant coating and black stitching. Do you understand how key tonal stitching is for a dope pair of jeans? No one one wants to see, like, bright ass yellow stitching around your ass, bro. I don't care if your jeans cost $500. If you got loud stitches, your whole existence is a lie. Straight up.