When I get lookbooks from brands, there's always one quip about the collection thrown into the body of the email to sort of entice me to look at shit. It's usually totally harmless because, whether it's a brand I love, or one I've never heard of, or one I hate, I'm going to look at it so I can either post it or totally laugh to myself at my desk about how big of a total fucking brick it is. Saturdays, as we know, is not known for being a bricklayer. But the little quip added in with the email was: "Our most refined collection to date." And, would ya look at that, I peeped game and went, "This shit is so fucking refined. Holy shit."

Satrudays S/S 15 plays on an atypical neutral color palette especially for a company that usually likes to throw in some pops of red and yellow to keep the brand's surf culture image firmly entrenched. I mean, it is their bread and butter. This time around, it's more about the patterns: paint splatters, horizontal stripes and zigzag safari prints are all prevalent, effectively replacing the aforementioned bright colors. The contrast collar jackets, along with the suede bombers and denim trucker variations, give the collection a sort of matured feel not necessarily seen in previous offerings. It's like they're growing up right before our very eyes *wipes away single tear*.