We wrote about so many shirts and outerwears yesterday that we've totally neglected your bottom half. Talk about completely un-fucking-professional. We can't have y'all fools out there in the cold with no knickers on now, can we? Let's not go too far though and highlight real pants. I'd prefer we take it first date slow with these cropped sweats from Bobby G. With an elongated rise—don't call it a drop crotch—and a ton of room in the thigh, they immediately taper down the leg, resting closer to the calf than the ankle. We're in full-on manpri territory here, guys, so please be careful when donning these culottes to make sure the rest of your fit is as masculine as possible in case the term "culottes" comes off as too feminine, you closed-minded troll. At least the paneled construction makes you look kind of like a futuristic superhero. Or, more accurately, a sidekick.