I've discovered so much not trash hybrid clothing in the past 48 hours or so that I've racked my brain to see if I could fit in a Linkin Park Hybrid Theory reference, but so far I've come up empty. And since the likelihood that I'm going to continue to find good hybrid items is pretty close to fucking nill, I might as well just let you know that my writing process revolves around squeezing in archaic, out-of-date references only a very specific subset of society will understand. These typically revolve around various Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network shows or really shitty late-90s, early-2000s music. This post has all of a sudden gone very meta, so I should probably mention this Robert Geller denim trucker/puffer jacket because we've reached peak hybridization. This. Fucking. Thing. Man. It's like the Prius of the clothing world. The front panel is a black denim trucker and the rest of the piece is a dark purple—mauve, if do I say so myself—puffer jacket with quilted panels all over the sleeve and back. How the fuck do you even come up with shit? Leave it to Bobby G to make you reassess everything you ever thought you knew about your fall wardrobe.