We've been waiting a while for Robert Geller x Common Projects F/W 14 to FINALLY hit stores. For months and months it looked like they were never actually going to see a release, but then good ol' SSENSE came through with the goodies. These things are so fucking bomb that they just forced me to use "bomb" to describe them, which I haven't done in, like, at least a good two years. The all black ones are obviously the cream of the crop with the combination of leather and suede panels alternating throughout. Though, you do have the option to bug out and go full turbo with the dusty blue and yellow combo. The creative brain trust at RG and CP really eclipsed themselves with that snakeskin embossed suede on the toe, heel and ankle. Do you understand how difficult it is to emboss suede with an intricate textural pattern like snakeskin? Yeah, I don't either, but it must be a lot harder than just keeping it smooth. At a certain point, you really gotta ask yourself if all these details are worth more than 700 shekels. Typically, the answer is YES. But you have to find that out for yourself. Don't let this amazing post influence you. Actually, scratch that.