As if the rumor that Beyonce and Jay Z are making an album together isn't epic enough, there is more Carter family news today that could be even bigger. According to TMZ, the first couple of hip-hop has made multiple visits to check out a $85 million mansion in Beverly Hills that rivals some of the most lavish celebrity homes we have ever seen.

The 8-bedroom, 15-bathroom cliffside home is 23,000 square feet with a car showroom, movie theater, a candy room, a 16-car garage, a massive wine cellar, Yves Saint Laurent fire extinguishers, and tons of other craziness that you won't see everyday. We won't believe that this is the future Carter mansion until it has been confirmed, but if Beyonce and Jay Z want to move to the West Coast, this should definitely be how they do it. Scroll down for more shots of the place and a video tour.