Richard Sherman is one of the more colorful and awesome characters in the NFL, and his latest endorsement campaign isn't exactly what you would expect from a high profile athlete. The Seattle Seahawks' cornerback has linked up with Neff for a line of sunglasses, and his costar in a new series of promotional materials is a llama named Spartacus.

In a series of videos that showcase the two BFFs, Sherman and Spartacus both rock the limited edition Brodie shades in various settings, including a press conference, a locker room, and on a cooking show. Sherman acknowledged the off-beat nature of the campaign, telling Forbes, “I’m not your prototypical athlete. My personality is part of my game. I love this partnership with Neff because it allows me to show my personality.” ​The brand's founder, Shaun Neff, added that these initial videos are just the beginning, and there will be “a lot more excitement and energy coming in the near future.”

Sherman already has a handful of other lucrative endorsements, including BodyArmor and Nike, but we have no word yet on whether Spartacus will be touted by other big name brands as well.