When you can describe an item with "while the cut and fit is the same, each and every piece is different and unique," I have a minor brain aneurysm. How can they be different if they're actually the same? How can they be the same, if they're actually different? That's what pops into my mind when I look at this Rebuild by Needles jacket. Surprise, surprise, it's ANOTHER hybrid item tickling my fancy. It fuses the body of the M-65 (plus a bomber collar) with the obviously best in class sleeves of the MA-1. Is this just another piece of evidence for my ever evolving case to have every new item be a fusion of two old ones? Probably. Is it also one of the sickest pieces of outerwear I've come across in a while? That would be a resounding yes. I don't even like super rounded-looking outerwear and this thing is still super sick to me. Needles also could have taken the easy way out and literally just transplanted the sleeves onto an already complete M-65, but because they are dedicated to the craft, they did not. Of course they cropped the body and altered the hip pockets to give it that signature MA-1 shape. Now that's authenticity, fam.