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Are you too poverty-stricken to afford actual FBTs or similar vis footwear? Of course you are, which is why I'm offering you these kinda-similar-but-not really murdered out Quoddy chukka alternatives (which are also kinda similar in dollar terms aka still unquestionably out of your tier struggle price range).

It's pretty rare to find black chukka/moccasin-style joints that aren't aesthetically repugnant. In fact, I think these are the first pair aside from the original grails that I've laid eyes on and actually liked. So yeah, pair them with whatever the fuck you want and come chill with me at the Goodhood The Art of Skateboarding charity event on Wednesday night. I use the term "chill" loosely here. Don't try to converse with me, like, whatsoever. I hate you.

Moksha August is a serial Four Pins commenter turned writer. I guess you could say that he started from the bottom. Haha, that's the spot. You can follow him on Twitter here.