Overuse of 3M has run rampant lately. I like reflective and shiny shit, no doubt. It looks cool on those very rare occasions when the dumbass snapping the flick actually uses the flash and your feet all of a sudden leap off the iPhone. But most of the time, it's just a little silvery streak on your shoes or clothes, so companies are now finding different ways to incorporate shiny 3M material into items without going over the top. Puma has probably done the best job of it with these blacked out XT-2 trainers with "snow splattered" 3M flakes on a few panels. You have to look real close to see it though. These are also basically a better version of the Ronnie Fieg x Dover Street XT-2s that came out earlier this year because they're cheaper. And I say that as a shamless Ronnie stan. In all honesty, you can't ever get enough murdered out sneakers. They're easier to keep clean and they go with everything. Just cop a few different models and rotate through them. And never—EVER—wear the same pair of sneakers two days in a row.