When True Religion first hit the scene, it disrupted a 140-year-old denim industry that was starting to look all too comfortable delivering the same basic options season after season. With a look that was the definition of boldness, True Religion drew a line in the sand. Those with True Religion swagger were welcome to join the movement, and those without were welcome to watch from the sideline. In 2014, True Religion is a completely reinvented brand, but its confidence, originality, and pure audacity are on display like never before. True Religion didn’t get to where it is by playing it safe, and the brand shows no signs of starting now.

The new True Religion is for the modern-day outlaw—the individual whose swagger demands attention. You’ll get the picture after watching the above video, which proves that the essence of True Religion is in taking an ordinary moment and making it extraordinary. Everyday actions can be bold when you’re this magnetic. Simply put: don’t just make an entrance, cause a scene.

The campaign launches on September 26, but you can start sharing your story of how you live life by the motto #BeSoBold by entering a contest for the chance to win an individual feature on True Religion’s Facebook page and a $1,000 shopping spree. For more information on the new True Religion, the contest and how you can enter to win, click here.