Phenomenon dropping another phenomenal piece? Oh, that's nothing new. Off the weirdness of that MA-1 with a million pockets on the back, the Japanese brand always come up with another way to chop and screw the ever popular flight jacket. This time, they've combined the greatness of a crew neck sweatshirt and MA-1 sleeves to craft a hybrid garment worthy of purchase and wear. The usual mix-and-match isn't a design we usually recommend—as mentioned earlier—but the combination of two basically perfect pieces of clothing is pretty hard to fuck up. To be honest though, I think this might be a bit difficult to pull off if you aren't regularly involved in a variety of skinhead-related activities. Now, I know there are some of you out there, but feel free to keep those personal details to yourself. We don't need to be seen supporting such acts of rebellion in the community. Hypebeast calls this a "playful twist," but this isn't a little lemon in your tea. This is more like you've quit drinking tea altogether and instead have taken up a daily routine that involves substances of questionable legality and safety. But that's just me.