A new week, a new Our Legacy item to write about. It's just the way the world turns. Some famous author used to say something like, "So it goes" to describe how shit like this happens. I think his name was Kurt Vonnegut. Maybe you've heard of him. He is pretty obscure. Regardless, "so it goes" is a great parallel to #menswear: As our insular trends come and go, they continue to persist in the outside world writ large. Today's proverbial proof just chilling in the pudding is this obnoxiously great floral Our Legacy overcoat. I bet you're SMFH-ing so hard your headphones whipped across the room as you say to your self that floral is sooo 2012. But no one cares what you think because Our Legacy murdered this garment in the first degree. It's not floral in the sense of a Hawaiian shirt or some other such wackness. Nah, this is that "subtle" or "downplayed" fire that makes it acceptable for public consumption. These florets and stems are woven onto the coat like your fucking grandma was making a tapestry from scratch of some shit. If a coat reminds me of my expert seamstress grandmother, you can bet your ass I'm recommending it to anonymous teenagers on the Internet with the quickness.