Sick of seeing ads for movies, shows, and products while you're waiting on the subway platform? There's an app for that.

Re+Public, an organization committed to public and street art, developed an augmented reality app called NO AD that replaces annoying advertisements with art from over 50 artists, including Jilly Ballistic, Sheryo, Know Hope, Poster Boy, Rone, Ron English, Faith 47, Icy & Sot, Jay Shells, WK Interact, Jon Burgerman, and Elle

Re+Public says in the press release, "Almost every station is a repetition of movie, television, product, and alcohol ads, which take advantage of NY’s immense captive transit audience and turn our daily commute into one long commercial." They added that NO AD was designed to "remedy this imbalance by using the preexisting advertising infrastructure as a new digital exhibition space."

The app is free for iOS and Android users, so you should do yourself a favor and download it now. For more information, visit Re+Public's website.

[via Creator's Project