California based watch and accessories brand Nixon made their name with their watches. Cool, classic and tough, they quickly caught on with skaters, surfers and fans of the lifestyle they represent. Having recently opened their first European retail space in Paris, Nixon are now looking to enter the UK with a new store in London.

What's inside that store it's the coolest bit. The new London store is going to be home to a new Nixon Customisation bar, where customers can completely customise the appearance of their watch, because it's always sick to have something no-one else has.

There are three models you can choose from, and from there, everything is up to you. From what colour face, to what markings, to what sort of band you want, you have complete creative control. From where we're standing, that's pretty awesome, and we can't wait to see some of the designs people come up with.

The London store is scheduled to open in October, and will be on Newburgh Street. Hold tight for more information from us on a launch date.