Toronto-based NEEDS/WANTS finally came through with that new. I'll be honest, I was really waiting for this because I've never once in my life been disconnected from Instagram. So, naturally, I saw teasers for all this shit happening in real time and I got that weird adrenaline rush you only get when you think you screwed up real bad on an important assignment, but, like, in a good way. I already have the N/W black linen fishtail shirt and I highly enjoy wearing that particular garment. Now, there's a bunch more to choose from and the F/W 14 selection is thoroughly good: two long varsity/trenches, three straight up varsity jackets and another fishtail shirt, this time in a black and white flannel. I appreciate the nice twists and asymmetry in particular—NEEDS/WANTS is all about that mismatched life. Also, we need to address the varsity trench real quick, people. It's like a long bomber, only in heavy, sturdy wool. Wow, what a perfect fucking existence. Truly, the best of both worlds.

This grip of new product hits the NEEDS/WANTS website tomorrow, October 1st. Make sure you write that rent check ASAP so you don't become disillusioned about how much money you actually have in your checking account before you buy something.