Fabrics are crazy, man. All these cotton-wool-poly-viscose blends out here making me feel like I'm back in chemistry class in high school or something. If I'm already this bad at writing and I get paid to do it, can you imagine how bad I was at chemistry? Fucking terrible, like, really bad, man. I had to debate with my chemistry professor over my final project because I wasn't smart enough to do anything with any actual scientific importance. So, we ended up testing different formations of potassium permanganate with glycerin to see how crazy of a fire we could make in the exhaust hood. And, yo, we made some fucking crazy fires and almost burnt down the science wing of the school because my partner forgot to let the aftermath cool down enough before putting it in the garbage can. This Minotaur coat is made of gabardine, which is a tightly woven material that's super good at keeping water out. Aside from that, I don't know shit about gabardine. But if you have short arms, this coat is definitely really good for you because it has velcro at the cuffs so you can keep them wrists tight the next time you get in a fencing match.