Being a guy in a male-dominated patriarchal society means we take a lot of things for granted. For example, the level of grooming a woman might choose to undertake in order to fit in with a standard of beauty that is specific to the current context of right now is pretty unfathomable to a lot of guys. We're simply not exposed to and don't understand the beauty rituals many women put time, money, and effort into, and rarely experience the means to a wonderful end. The most grooming a lot of guys do is just trimming the nether regions. Other than that, we're willfully (and, as you're about to see, blissfully) ignorant.

Buzzfeed decided to flip the script and fill guys in on what many women go through regularly. They asked (bribed? blackmailed?) a few guys to get a bikini wax. You know, the kind that happens around the crotch area. That's probably the extend of your bikini wax knowledge, so watch the above for a hilarious and painful video that'll make you appreciate what some women choose to do and question the intelligence of the video's participants. If you're too scared to watch, you know that scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carrell's character screams as his Yeti-like chest hair is ripped away? Imagine if that, but it was his balls and butt.

[via GQ]