Wowee, I really want to make a condom joke here because this Marni shirt has a ribbed collar. Although, I think if clothing companies were as creative as prophylactic companies, there would be a whole lot better names in the fashion industry for even the simplest of garments. I mean, this shirt definitely wouldn't be called "Cypress Twisted Cotton Shirt." It would be, like, "Intensified Double Ecstasy Premium Climax Upper Body Cover." You would definitely buy that and then slip in a nice "ribbed for her pleasure" reference when a femalien notices the collar has a different texture than the rest of the shirt. Plus, if you're into weak metaphors, this shirt is already a condom because it has a hidden placket, which is pretty much a condom for your shirt buttons. The other thing about this shirt that works as great birth control, the hat Totokaelo styled it with in the last slide. Come on now, guys. At least give homeboy a semblance of a chance.