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The. Game. Done. Changed. Forever. You know how Nike and Adidas have been trying to drop neoprene sock liners into a bunch of sneakers recently, but shit just really didn't take? Well, you know what does take? A completely fucking perfect blacked out Margiela GAT with a low-cut neoprene sock liner. Jesus Christ, this is so sick. I'm ill, fam. I can't eat or drink after seeing these. Good thing they're almost sold out and don't have my size or else some really bad fiscal decisions were about to occur. Obama has to speak on these sneakers: "My fellow Americans, Nation, these are the greatest sneakers of all time—the most fire Belgian export since chocolate. We have to band together in support and purchase every single one of these in production. They are now the national shoe of the United States. Thank you. And may God bless America *kicks over podium*."