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Julius_7 is an underground brand, deeply loved by hardcore fans of all that is Japanese, dark, and drapey. Designer Tatsuro Horikawa started the label in 2001 as an art project to explore his spirituality, and quickly found a fanbase that subscribed to the progressive but wearable goods.

MA Julius is a minimalist offshoot of the main brand, much like the DRKSHDW branch of Rick Owens. For Fall/Winter 2014, MA Julius is delivering a style to those of us who need something a little less extreme than Horikawa's main line, both in terms of silhouette and price. 

The collection continues Horikawa's interest in suiting and more traditional garments, but with his usual science-fiction meets Buddhist monk sensibility. Don't get it twisted, though. While the collection is mainly comprised of suiting, these are not the tailored goods you'd find at your average 9 to 5 office. You're more likely to see a badass, motorcycle-riding vigilante rocking MA Julius' latest while fighting crime in a theatrical dystopian future than a middle-management office drone. But even if that doesn't describe your average day, you can at least look like a sci-fi Zen master with the help of MA Julius' stockists.

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