You can visit Carrie Bradshaw's old apartment in New York, or you can cough up the big bucks and live like the real woman behind the character, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband of 17 years, Matthew Broderick. The couple recently relisted their Greenwich Village home for $22 million after removing it from the market back in April. According to Curbed, Parker and Broderick may have never actually lived in the house, which explains why it looks so spectacularly clean.

The first lines of the Elliman listing describe the home as "posh, newly refreshed, 25' wide, 6,800 sq. ft. single-family townhouse with seven fireplaces," so you know that this place is fancy. Each floor has a name: there's the Garden Floor, the Parlor Floor, the Guest Floor, the Master Floor, and the Family Floor. The things that we are most impressed with are the 50-foot-long bookcases on the Family Floor, the windowed walk-in closet and the "hand-carved stone ovular tub" on the Master Floor, and the fact that guests get an entire level to themselves.

[via Curbed]