I'm not a bad boy by any means, but I like to shirk tradition and occasionally bend the rules. I think recommending a linen long coat right before fall hits qualifies as such. Four Horsemen, the Canadian menswear shop that turned out the noragi that continues to haunt your dreams, churned out a beautiful light blue linen long coat. Yeah, it's probably for spring, but you can always use an extra layer in the winter. Throw this under a super warm wool jacket and the reverse layering will be so sick, not to mention you'll have just copped another layer to insulate your porcelain skin.

This is what's going to happen: The summer was unseasonably mild and it's already kind of cold right now. You just know winter is going to spring up out of nowhere and drop a -15 degree day entirely too early in, like, October or some shit. It could get wild reckless way too early. But then, when you get all your outerwear sorted out and you're ready for anything, it goes back to not being cold at all. This is really the struggle for all of us. Toe the line, guys.