The jacket Leonardo DiCaprio wore in Titanic is being auctioned off and expected to go for at least $70,000. 

But this isn't just any jacket—it's the same one that ended up in one of the most famous scenes in the film. More specifically, it's the same outerwear DiCaprio, who played the struggling artist Jack Dawson, wore when he jumped onto the boat's railings and screamed, "I'm the king of the world." The vintage brown and black plaid jacket was hand-selected from Repeat Performance, a costume retail company, and now described by experts as the "Holy Grail of film clothing." Given that, it's expected to fetch $70,000 after the bidding's done at Profiles in History, an auction house in California that specializes in this type of Hollywood memorabilia. 

Those interested should come strapped with extra cash because attire from Titanic has a history of exceeding auction estimations. The dress that co-star Kate Winslet wore in the film sold for $330,000, 10 percent more than its $300,000 estimate, when it went up for auction at Profiles in History in 2012. That said, we can't promise you'll be as cool as Leo if you cop. 

The auction will take place on Oct. 17. 

[via Daily Mail]